Social Media for Non-Readers

Social Media is something that is pretty new to my life. Aside from Facebook, I was never actively involved with it until recently. Therefore, I know that it is something that takes some getting used to. However, now that I am down with the wide world of social media, I feel as though it is my duty to recruit others to join me.

This has been harder to do than I thought.

I’ve tried encouraging my friends, family and coworkers to set up accounts on various social media Web sites so that I can follow them on Twitter or add them to my network on Linkedin, but I usually just get blank looks or responses like this:

“Uh, social media? Is that like… Myspace?” 


“So Twitter is like, Facebook status updates? I don’t even update my status on Facebook. Sounds lame and stalkerish.” 

“Well no, no, not at all,” I say, rushing to its defense, “It’s way different than that. It’s cool because of this… You can do this and this…”

And by this time I’ve lost them. They’re confused. Disinterested.

So here you go: a blog post on the basics of social media for those who would rather watch a Youtube video than read a tutorial (or listen to me ramble on about it for hours):

Melissa’s Top 5 Easy-to-Understand Social Media Video Tutorials 
1. Social Networks
2. Social Media

3. Twitter
4. Linkedin

5. Blogs

You can watch more of these “Explanations in Plain English” video tutorials by subscribing to the Commoncraft Youtube channel.

This list is not exhaustive by any means, but these videos should provide a glimpse into the world of social media. Once you have a general concept of how to use these Web sites for your own purposes I guarantee you will find yourself engaging more and more. And why not? It’s the way of the future! And now you’re in the know. That was fairly painless, huh?


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