To-Do Lists, Etc.

todolist1Week 10 of winter term here at the UofO has arrived, aka the BUSIEST week of the term.

Throughout my college career, I have been a planner person. Completely dependent on my planner. Recently I have discovered the world of on-line organizational tools. These tools have been extremely helpful, and believe me, if they can help get me through this week, I bet they can help you too. So in honor of this week I present:

Melissa’s Top 5 Favorite On-Line Organization Tools

1. : This is an extremely easy-to-use site. It is a simple structure and creates a list of activities that you check off (or click off) as you complete them. When you are finish a task, it is removed from the list. You can also invite other to add to the list if you have shared activities. The site is free and very easy. Also it is a perfect tool for those of us who like the instant gratification of checking things of lists!

2. : This site is similar to TaDa but it organizes your tasks into the following categories: Personal, Study, Work. You can prioritize your tasks or postpone them. Also, if any of your tasks become overdue, this tool will send an e-mail reminder. You can share lists with others and publish your lists. 

3. : This site is good for work to-do lists because it allows you to manage many different tasks. Additionally, the tool allows you to publish and share lists with deadlines and has a function to include notes about a task with your collaborators. It also saves your history of tasks so you can keep track of what tasks you have completed.

4. : Zoho is a more complex on-line organizational tool that has a to-do list feature that is very similar to TaDa. It also offers a feature that allows you to set email reminders, and a notes section. This site does not allow you to publish or share tasks. 

5. : This tool is similar to ZoHo. It allows users to add to-do lists, upload files, photos and notes and it separates all of these tools on an easy-to-navigate site. You can share all of these features or keep them private. 

Do you know of any helpful on-line organizational tools that I have not mentioned? Let me know by leaving a comment!


One response to “To-Do Lists, Etc.

  1. Great list. With, if you are using Google Calendar, you can sync them so you can get your lists right on your calendar.


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