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Responsiveness = Trust (in Social Media Relationships)

In Greg Ferenstein’s blog, The Science of Building Trust With Social Media, he analyzes how new technology-based relationships still comply with the same basic psychological framework of “real-world” relationships. And as with any successful relationship, the core component has to be trust.

For any company, or person, using social media, trust is still the key to a mutually beneficial relationship. Especially with social media, when the objective is a 2-way conversation. So how can you build trust with your social media communities? Well in social media, it does take on a trickier angle. As Furenstien points out,

In e-mail, Linkedin and Facebook messages, much of the traditional markers of trust, such as voice intonation and body language, are hidden. Olson finds that when only text is available, participants judge trustworthiness based on how quickly others respond.

This is dead on. How many times have you written an e-mail and anxiously awaited a response, clicking that refresh button over and over again? I am guilty of doing that today. How happy does it make you when your tweets are retweeted or replied to? The action of response shows us that someone cares about what we have written, your voice has been heard and is respected and appreciated.

This view of trust in social media relationships can help companies even in a time of crisis. For example, if an angry customer is taking out their frustration or concerns by posting negative things on your company’s Facebook wall, or twitter feed, the best way to handle the situation is to pay that costumer the attention they want. Respond. Quickly. A simple “@angrycustomer Thank you for sharing this concern. We are in the process of addressing it and will get back to you soon” tweet would show that costumer that their view is respected. This will allow them to build their trust in your company.

As any public relations professional will tell you, the worst thing you can do is say, “No Comment.” This ascends into the world of social media as well. Keep the conversation flowing, be responsive, be timely, build trust.


To-Be Lists: The New To-Do Lists?

With 2011 kicking off, of course everyone has crafted their highly ambitious New Year’s Resolutions. For some, it may be working out regularly, or spending less money. For others, like myself, it could be blogging more.

This evening I was reading through my blog lines, and came across one that jumped out at me as a unique take on resolutions for the New Year. The post is from one of my favorite blogs, the Social Media Explorer titled My Social Media 2011 TO-BE Lists – What’s Yours? I thought that the TO-BE list was a refreshing approach.

To Do: I want to work out more


To Be: I want to be healthier

To me, from a PR perspective, this is an important distinction. When writing PR plans, the objective is always formed as a “To be..” statement. The entire plan is structured around this initial objective:  the strategy, tactics, etc..  As Angela Maiers points out in her post:

‘Being’ and ‘doing’ are inseparable aspects of the human condition and attention must be paid to both

I decided to take that to heart and develop my own Social Media To-Be List for 2011.

  1. To-Be active in the 2-way Twitter conversation by retweeting posts that I find interesting on a daily basis, tweeting back to those who reach out to me, and posting questions to other tweeters.
  2. To-Be engaged in the daily informational content that I read on my social networking sites by reposting news/blogs onto my Reddit lines, commenting on blog posts and on-line articles that I find interesting and uploading more video content to my Youtube site.
  3. To-Be creative in the content I share by posting different types of news articles on my facebook feed, and tweeting an array of different information- from politics to crafting- to display my diverse interests.

What do you think? What are some of your TO-BE objectives for 2011? Post a comment and let me know!